Friday, August 21, 2009

Army gears up for new terror threats

Increasing incidents of militants taking civilians as hostage or using them as human shields has led the Indian Army in Jammu Kashmir to provide specialised training to troops to avoid collateral damage before carrying out seek and destroy operation.

TIMES NOW Times correspondent Pradeep Dutta brings you a report from Corps Battle School in Rajouri, where the TV crew witnesses a mock anti-terror drill by the Army that included laying a cordon around a jungle and a ‘hideout’ of militants.

Keeping in view the changing tactics of the militants, specialised training is being provided to the troops where the soldiers are being sensitised to different requirements which aim at minimum casuality, avoiding collateral damage.

"We have a very well trained troop, which operates with maturity and they ensure that the civilian life is protected during the operation,” said Col Anil Rana of the Army Corps School in Rajouri.

Militants have been known to take hostages to use them as human shields during encounters with security forces. The civilian hostages act as fail safe measure to help the militants escape to safety. But now the army is training to manage any hostage situation.

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