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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Terror camps still operating in Pak, says Antony

KOCHI: There is no doubt that anti-India terror camps are operating on Pakistan soil. Unless they are closed down, there is always danger from across the border, said Defence Minister A K Antony. He was replying to reporters' queries here on Tuesday."There is nothing to add to what the Prime Minister has said on the issue. We had demanded that the terrorist training camps operating on the Pakistani soil should be closed down immediately, after the Mumbai terror attacks," he added. Antony said that India had not got any indications that it had changed.On the ASEAN trade pact, Antony assured the farmers that the signing of the pact would not in anyway affect them as a special plan to upgrade the agricultural products was being worked out. He said that it would take about 10 years before ASEAN agreement reached its completion. By that time, Indian farm products would achieve international quality standards. "Most of the products are in the negative list and those few which are in the cleared list will be highly subsidised and will be beneficial to the farmers." The Centre has formed a ministerial committee to look into the details. Keralites can rest assured that the interests of farmers in the state would be protected as he and Vayalar Ravi were members of the committee. "China is already a member of ASEAN and India cannotlag behind in building trade ties with these countries. "We already have trade links with Singapore and Malaysia and are building ties with other countries too," he added.

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