Monday, October 26, 2009

Army will lend a hand during Commonwealth Games

New Delhi: With less than a year to go for the big-ticket Commonwealth Games, the Delhi police will get some much-needed help. The Indian Army has been asked by the organisers to pitch in with personnel and help in strategic planning. 
Since Delhi police would be stretched to their limits, handling the games and the city, the armed forces would give them a hand, special commissioner of police YS Dadhwal said.
"We've been contacted by the Commonwealth Federation who asked us to assist the police with strategic planning as well as human resources for the games," said an army source.

"The Commonwealth Federation has asked us for 1,600 officials. These will include 200 officers to handle the planning in tandem with the police, 1,000 men to deploy near the main venues and 400 JCOs to supervise the men," the source said.

The Army has had a record of helping out with sport events. They were present during the 1982 Asian Games and 1999 Afro Asian Games in the country. "We have not been approached for the Commonwealth games security till now. If the police want that, they'll approach us a few months before the games," the source said. "Any major event has a big security threat hovering over it. The army has the expertise to handle such situations, which is why we are called in."

During the games, army officials will be present in the main control room of the police headquarters. "Senior army officials will be present in the main command centre and will work in accordance with the police and share their expertise, "said a senior police officer.

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