Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clarify stand on China ‘threat’: Rajnath Singh to UPA

Itanagar, October 3
BJP today asked the Congress-led UPA government for a “clarification” to the people on actual position over the “growing threat from China” over the so-called border disputes in Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of the country.

Making it an election issue against rival Congress in Arunachal Pradesh that goes to Assembly election on October 13, BJP president Rajnath Singh told an election rally here, “Weak-kneed policy of the UPA government has emboldened China to raise question mark on security of some frontier areas in India. People are frustrated over such slackness on part of the UPA government which must take all precaution as China is trying to encircle India from three sides to establish itself a super power.” “There were 140 Chinese incursions in 2008 and the figure has risen to 270 attempts in the current year so far. Still, the UPA government is asking the media not to hype up the incursion issue instead of countering China threat in equal measure. What message is it trying to send? Why vote for a party that is not serious about protecting your self-pride and security over looming threat from China?” Singh said appealing to voters to make BJP a balancing factor in formation of the next government in the hill state.
“China had to accept Sikkim as an integral part of India when the BJP-led NDA government was in power in New Delhi. It was possible because of our bold stand on maintaining territorial integrity of the country,” the BJP leader said.
He accused the rival Congress of resorting to “money power” to win elections in the hill state “where people have remained poor while ruling Congress leaders have amassed huge personal resources.”
“Arunachal Pradesh attained statehood in 1972. During the last 37 years, the Congress ruled the state for about 35 years and common people are still languishing in poverty an under development while the leaders of your choice have grown richer and richer,” Singh said.
He fired a broadside at the UPA government for failing to check shooting prices of essentials despite its promise to check it within 100 days. “The consumer price index has jumped to 15 % from 10.2 % and the economy seems to have spun out of control of the UPA government.”

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