Sunday, October 11, 2009

FROM PAK WITH LOVE : GHQ Attack - India Strikes Again

By Zaheerul Hassan 

At about 1130 hours on October 10, 2009, a white color Suzuki Car tried to target General Headquarters of Pakistan Army located on Mall Road Rawalpindi. According to the witness the shooting began when a carry vehicle was intercepted by army personnel for routine checking at army check post near GHQ. Four miscreants wearing camouflage uniform opened heavy and indiscriminate fire while sitting in the vehicle.  According to Major General Athar Abbas brave soldiers of Pakistan Security Forces killed the terrorist and brought the situation within one hour after sacrificing their lives. The current attack is a series of Indian proxy war against Pakistan and its security Agencies.  

The proxy war started when Pakistan security forces achieved splendid victory against Swat militancy and were going to start Operation against Indian sponsored Taliban of Waziristan. It is notable here that it is third attack in two weeks or so. The current wave of sabotage activities are directly linked and sponsored by notorious South Asian agency RAW. There is a chance that RAAM is facilitating its master agency RAW. Earlier, on October 5, 2009, RAW trained terrorist blasted himself outside the UN’s World Food Programme offices in Islamabad and then again on 9 October, 2009 at least 50 people were killed and many injured in a suspected bomb blast near a market in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar. President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilliani and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani strongly condemned the blast and said Pakistan could not be deterred in its effort to fight extremism and terrorism and would continue its quest to bring peace by eliminating the terrorists.  

By design, there is a strong perception that attack on Kabul Embassy was launched by Indian intelligence agency to malign Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of Pakistan. The revealed opinion proved correct after listening Afghan Ambassador T Jawad comments to USA’s statement given to the PBS news channel on October 8, 2009. In that interview he mentioned that they are pointing the finger at the Pakistan intelligence agency, based on the evidence on the ground and similar attack taking place in Afghanistan. In fact it is a proven fact that Afghanistan and its intelligence agency with the tacit support of RAW is promoting terrorism in FATA, Balochistan and interior Pakistan too. It is mentionable here that Pakistan is facing horrible foreign sponsored militancy. As a result of war against terror more than a thousand of brave Pakistani soldiers and civilians have become victim of militancy. More than 2.8 millions Individuals were internally disabled. According to the sources, the Indian Air Force has stationed its MiG 29 aircrafts at Adampur near the Pakistani border to strengthen its air defence capabilities and minimise reaction time.  The deployment of MIG-29 and troops revealed that India may intensify the sabotage activities in the interior Pakistan in the near future and likely to go for Air strikes in already marked areas around GT Road. It is mentionable that BBC, on October 27, displayed a documentary movie regarding the eighth anniversary of the US-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. It stated that now this war is being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and “it will soon spread in Pakistan.” 

New Delhi started this proxy war once Pakistan is on limelight as result of debate on Kerry-Luger Bill. Earlier India also rocked her Embassy at Kabul at the occasion of G-8 conference in July 2008. The nation (including Pak Army) seems united against the objectionable clauses related to Pakistan security. According to the sources John Kerry and Richard Lugar are visiting Islamabad shortly to discuss and remove the bugs and concerns of Pakistan over the bill. Hence, there are likely chances that Obama’s administration will re-evaluate and make it acceptable to Pakistani nation and security forces after removing the objectionable clauses. New Delhi never ever digested any success of Pakistani Intelligence agencies and security forces against foreign sponsored militancy and made another try to prove Pakistan as heaven for terrorists.  If we visualise and read the South Asian security situation then we can say that basically India has proved herself South Asian Don and is continuously busy in storming terrorism in the region. The recent blasts point out to the Indian intelligence agency collaboration with RAAM and Mossad who collectively have seemed to plan the series of blasts in Afghanistan and Pakistan with a view to use pressure tactics and built opinion to force Washington to refrain from providing economic aid to Islamabad. 

Concluding, I must say that World community should ask India to stop backing Hindu Taliban who are playing with the lives of Innocent people. She must know that Pakistan Security Forces are alert enough to meet any kind of potent threat. We salute our forces and those soldiers who scarified their lives for the nation and their Gazi comrades.

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