Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IAF rescues man caught in floods for 70 hrs

A man took refuge on a tree amid flood waters for over 70 hours in Karnataka's Raichur district until he was rescued by an Indian Air Force helicopter. 
Caught in flash floods, Ramesh Kumar took shelter atop a tree on Sunday, hoping that the waters would recede soon. But the water level kept rising and Kumar soon found himself stranded. Hanging precariously from the tree, Kumar went without food for 70 hours, and shelter but didn't lose his nerve. Finally, an air force helicopter came to his rescue.
Elsewhere in the state's Shimoga district, a group of seven tourists were almost washed away when they had gone to visit the famous Jog Falls.
The incident occurred when a group of 15 people began wading through the Sharavathi river unaware that water was being released from a dam. 
"The tourists had gone sight-seeing and got stranded in the rising waters," said Ganpati, a police officer.
The tourists held onto trees and rocks even as locals launched a rescue operation that lasted several hours. Swimmers were roped in and the tourists were saved. 

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