Friday, November 27, 2009

26/11 Anniversary:Only 17 MPs turn up for blood donation camp

On a day when the nation did whatever little it could to pay tributes to the victims of Mumbai terror attacks, Lok Sabha Secretariat’s special blood donation drive, organised to mark the day, remained a bit of a nonstarter, with the “young MPs”, who were expected to participate, abstaining almost entirely. Many of them, however, found time to participate in elections to House committees; some were out in view of the Bakr-Id.At the end of the camp, held at Parliament Annexe between 10 am and 4 pm today, only 17 MPs had turned up to donate blood as against the combined strength of 780 MPs in both Houses.

Leaving aside the older MPs and those with ailments, who can’t donate blood due to medical reasons, camp organisers would have been naturally expecting the younger, healthier lot among the MPs, to turn up, and make the special drive a super success.

The expectations were also rooted in the fact that the number of young MPs in the 15th Lok Sabha shot up drastically, touching 15 per cent as against 6.3 per cent in the 14th Lok Sabha. But the organisers - the Red Cross - had no such luck today though they were gracious enough to term the camp a success and say that 47 donors came.

Of these 47, only 17 were MPs, the rest were staff and officers of the secretariat. The blood of only 10 MPs could be accepted as they fulfilled the medical requirements for the blood donation.

Among the younger MPs who donated blood today were Sandeep Dikshit and Ninong Ering of the Congress. Other MPs whose blood samples were collected included Mahabal Mishra, Vinay Pandey, Balram Naik, Devji Patel, Dr Vivekenanda, Nathuji Thakore Anantha Venkatraman and Kaushlendra Kumar (of the JDU).

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