Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Situation will worsen in South Asia: Gen Kapoor

Even as a terror threat over India looms large, Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor has warned that the situation will worsen further in South Asia.

At an international seminar on terrorism, Gen Kapoor painted an ominous picture of the ground situation in one the most volatile Asian regions. He was obliquely referring to China for its support to Pakistan despite unrelenting attacks on India from Pak-based groups.

The army chief said there is neither any political or diplomatic unity nor even common ground to build consensus to fight the war on terror.

Every country in South Asia has been a victim of terror sometime or the other and although India has been a major target of terrorism, much of it was Pakistan sponsored, Gen Kapoor said.

He said the preference of treating one country's enemy as another's friend was resulting in the conflict assuming dangerous proportions. It was a clear reference to China's backing for Pakistan.

Without naming it, he also took a swipe at Pakistan referring to foreign soil being used to launch attacks on the mainland or on missions abroad.

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