Saturday, December 5, 2009

Armed forces are fully prepared to counter any challenges: Defence Ministry

New Delhi , Dec 4 (ANI): Central Government on Friday clarified that Indian armed Forces are fully prepared, battle-worthy and capable to counter any challenges at very short notice, in keeping with the task assigned to defend the nation.

In a clarification given by the Defence Ministry in the wake of reports in a section of the media regarding the Army not being fully combat ready, it said: “The modernisation is a deliberate process and is progressive in nature, the deficiency of the military hardware is reviewed at regular intervals and replacement of these are projected after deliberation based on the operational requirement and enhancement of operational efficiency keeping pace with modernization.”

“Projection of military hardware requirements has already been made and these are at various stages of procurement. The Defence procurement procedure is also amended periodically to ensure transparency and effectiveness in procurement,” it added.

The Defence Ministry further stated that : “The combat efficiency of the Army at no point be doubted as the military preparedness and combat efficiency is the foremost and primary task. There has been no compromise in this issue. The progress of modernization is monitored closely at various levels to minimize the shortfall.” (ANI)

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