Thursday, December 3, 2009

China not a threat to us: Navy Chief

Admiral Nirmal Verma told CNN-IBN’s Vishal Thapar the Navy was acquiring 30 warships, which would strengthen India’s growing role to ensure peace and stability in the region.

Verma said the Indian Navy’s exercises were not targeted at any nation and intended to test its capability. “We've had a series of (naval) exercises and these exercises have been very heartening and very comforting. These exercises were no different from the Army exercises,” he said.

“We are very sure of our maritime interests and we prepare for that. It maybe that some others might also have their interests in the same region but I don't see any reason for worry.”

Verma claimed India’s neighbours were not worried by its plans to acquire warships. “As far as our neighbours are concerned, they also welcome it, because there are many of them who don't have the assets to acquire such things,” he said.Verma said several nations had requested India for maritime security because of increasing piracy.

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