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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank You Major Navdeep

Dear Readers,

1. I have always been a firm supporter of de-linking Rank and Grade Pays. As this is the route cause of all our problems.

2. I am happy to note that Maj Navdeep Singh has very logically given out his views on this issue and I fully agree with him.

3. Thank You Major Navdeep for this excellent writeup.

4. We all must read it. The links are :  


  1. dear MAJ. NAVDEEp singh sir
    TA offr are not granted status of ESM unless pensioner\Gallantry awardee? were in an SSCO with just 05 yr of commissioned service is gtd ESM status can this be legally chalanged ?
    when AO 10/97 grants med facility in MH to all SSCO|ECO released on gratuity were as for TA offrs it is NOT
    lastly no weightage for TA offrs were as it is admissible to MNS,APS,NCC ECO,SSCo why? can all these disparity be challanged in COURT of law ?

  2. sir,
    may i request you to let me know the rules regarding getting information about ACRs through RTI.


  3. sir,
    how do i go about handling vindictive senior, he is troubling everyone under him.

  4. dear Maj. Mandeep,
    i m a young officer and i m in a big trouble. my carrier is at stake.
    sir i m undergoing SOE and the admin is planning to go for GCM for a very small mistake of mine.
    sir, please guide me n help me.