Sunday, January 24, 2010

After hijack threat, now LeT paragliders


A day after it was revealed that terrorist organizations were planning to hijack an airplane — probably an Air India or Indian Airlines aircraft flying to, or from, a SAARC country — comes another intelligence input: that the Lashkar-e-Toiba has shopped for over 50 sets of paragliding equipment in Europe.

The equipment has been bought to carry out airborne attacks using suicide bombers, government sources said Friday.

They said intelligence agencies were picking up information about plans to carry out aerial strikes on important buildings and installations around Republic Day.

Consequently, security forces have been put on high alert and security around all vital installations has been tightened. Mock drills are on to thwart a possible aerial attack, sources said. The Indian Express was the first to report on Thursday that intelligence agencies had picked up specific information on plans to hijack an Air India or Indian Airlines flight anytime “in the near future”. Following the inputs, the government had deployed sky marshals on all AI/IC flights in the SAARC region, and advised all airlines to conduct a mandatory “100 per cent secondary ladder point check”.

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