Friday, January 1, 2010

Pakistan sees India’s war doctrine revision as a hostile move

NEW DELHI: Islamabad on Wednesday said Indian Army’s plans to revise the war doctrine for Pakistan “betrays a hostile intent”.

Pakistan’s foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit said in a statement that the Indian Army’s new military doctrine “betrays a hostile intent as well as a hegemonic and jingoistic mindset which is quite out of step with the realities of our time”.

The rhetorical offensive follows reports that India is revising its five-year-old doctrine to effectively meet the challenges of a possible `two-front war’ with China and Pakistan, deal with asymmetric and fourth-generation warfare, enhance strategic reach and joint operations with IAF and Navy.

Army chief General Deepak Kapoor, who emphasised that India was ready for “the successful firming-up of the cold start strategy (to be able to go to war promptly) in the multiple fronts against multiple militias at the same time”, said that the new doctrine envisages “full thrust assault into multiple enemies at the same time with massive Air Force superiority.”

Pakistan said it was prepared to defend itself in the face of all contingencies. “No one should ever underestimate our capability and determination to foil any nefarious designs against the security of Pakistan,” reports quoting Mr Basit from Islamabad said.

He called on the world community to take “due notice” of such statements. “Pakistan remains mindful of the threats posed to its security as well as the importance of promoting peace in South Asia.”

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