Saturday, May 8, 2010

Army orders inquiry into death of officer in fire


Jalandhar, May 7 (IANS) The Indian Army Friday ordered a court of inquiry into a fire incident in Hoshiarpur district in which an officer was charred to death and another sustained serious injuries, said officials.
According to defence officials, Captain N. Anand was killed and Major Sudhir Parmar was badly injured after the tent in which they were sleeping was engulfed in flames Wednesday night.
The officials were part of the Vajra corps, which was camping at Miani village in Hoshiarpur district here for the last few days.
“This is a serious issue and demands a thorough probe. Therefore a court of inquiry has been ordered to find out the real cause of fire,” said Naresh Wig, Indian Army spokesperson, here Friday.
He added: “The deceased official was a native of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Parmar is stable and he is recuperating at an army hospital in Tibbri Cantt in Gurdaspur district.”
Police have registered a case in the incident. Sources in the police said the fire was caused due to a mosquito repellent coil and the flames spread because of the strong winds.

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