Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rahul's healing touch for slain CRPF man's kin


LUCKNOW: Shiv Narain Yadav may finally sleep through the night without getting up every half an hour. The octogenarian father of constable Vinod Kumar Yadav — one among the 76 CRPF men killed during the Maoist strike in Dantewada — admitted to having turned an insomniac since the news of Vinod's gruesome death reached the little uneventful hamlet, Pure Khushal, last month. 

There has been a constant trickle of visitors ever since but none could bring the solace the family needed till Rahul Gandhi stepped in the modest little house at Pure Khushal in Sangrampur block of Amethi. 

"Though his son would not come back, Rahul's visit," says the old man, "could save the family particularly his daughter-in-law Savitri and two grandchildren from ruination". Rahul dropped in unannounced at 9am on Wednesday and spent nearly half-an-hour with the grieving family members. 

"He proved to be an extremely patient listener... senior Yadav was hardly coherent... women were wailing and would not calm down and there was quite a din..." says Brijesh Kumar Singh, block pramukh of Sangrampur, who accompanied the MP.  

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