Monday, October 19, 2009

Modern weaponry supplied to armed forces

Srinagar, Oct 18: As India faces heightened tension on its Western and Eastern frontiers with Pakistan and China respectively, Army has started to provide latest equipments and hi-tech warfare training to its men deployed in Jammu and Kashmir.
A senior army official said army has started to induct modern weapons and provide hi-tech warfare training to one of its para-commandoes battalion stationed in the State.
“India has got six battalions of Special Forces and one of the battalion is stationed in Jammu and Kashmir. All the battalions are being modernised,” he said.

Besides hi-tech warfare training, he said, the troopers are being equipped with light weight weaponry to enable them to take swift action during combat operations. “We have already distributed Israeli made Insas and Travor rifles among the troopers. The rifles include LMG and normal light weight rifles and Israeli carbines,” he said.   
The official said the weapons can prove beneficial to the troops deployed along the frontiers to prevent infiltration of militants into the State.
Another senior army official said there has been a proposal to update the troops on the lines of American soldiers. “We have followed the proper system to lace our men for 21st century warfare. It comprises four components,” he said.
The official said the first component includes head gear assembly. “This would include helmet fixed with vision binoculars and ear piece for communication purposes”.
He said another component would be “Body Assembly” comprising light weight bullet proof vests and shoes. “Weapon Assembly also includes light weight and modern weapons and communication systems like GPS and radios sets”.
The official said the modernisation of army has already been set in motion in Jammu and Kashmir. “We have distributed latest equipments to the Special Forces men deployed across the State. Besides, they have been given warfare training to be ready for carrying out any combative mission,” he said.
As part of its modernization programme, Indian army has started major revamp of air fields particularly in Ladakh region besides constructing roads on eastern and western borders of the State for the easy access of troops.
“We have to modernize army as our neighbours -  China and Pakistan - are spending billions of dollars on to enhance their military capability,” the army officials said.
BGS Information Northern Command Brigadier Murli said modernisation of troops is an ongoing process. “We are inducting new light weight and automatic weapons to enable our men and officials to fight effectively during advance combat operations,” he added.    

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