Monday, October 19, 2009


For the second time this year, a US military chartered aircraft was forced to land at the Mumbai airport after it was found that it did not have the required permission to fly over the country.
The chartered Boeing 767, which was carrying 205 US marines from Fujairah in UAE to Bangkok, was asked to land at Mumbai after it was found that it did not have clearances from the IAF and External Affairs Ministry to fly over the country.
While the situation was resolved after proper clearances were granted to the flight by the IAF and the External Affairs Ministry after a request from the US, the aircraft was not able to take off on Sunday due to technical reasons. Laws pertaining to air crew rest timings restricted the flight from leaving on Sunday and the aircraft is now expected to take off early on Monday.
The flight was asked to land in Mumbai at 7.52 am by the IAF after personnel monitoring traffic in Indian airspace noticed a discrepancy in the call sign of the aircraft. The chartered flight only had a civilian clearance, whereas it was carrying a contingent of US military personnel, for which another clearance is required. Following the discrepancy, the aircraft was asked to land in Mumbai. 

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