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Monday, December 21, 2009

Navy foils piracy attempt

MUMBAI: The Indian navy on Saturday foiled a piracy attempt on cargo vessel MV Sanderling Ace in the Gulf of Aden. The vessel had sent out a distress call after sighting seven persons aboard a white skiff (a small boat) approaching it at 20 knots. MV Sanderling Ace also raised an alarm on Ship Security Alert System.

"A warship deployed by the Indian navy in the Gulf of Aden received a distress call from the vessel around 5.30 pm on Saturday,'' said Captain Manohar Nambiar, public relation officer, Indian Navy. "Upon receiving the call, the naval warship immediately launched helicopter Chetak to intercept the boat. Officials fired warning shots from the chopper, following which those aboard the skiff stopped proceeding towards the vessel.''

"There were seven people aboard the boat. It was difficult to communicate with them since they only spoke Arabic. All were released as nothing suspicious was found on the boat,'' added Captain Nambiar.

A navy officer said pirates for the fear of being apprehended throw their weapons into the sea. Post 26/11, the navy has increased surveillance on the seas.

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